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Szeged is a conviviality and dynamic city on the Tisza river side with a big historical past. The city has some varied attributive – like The Famous City, Sun City and The City of Festivals.


The dinamical trade of the city and it’s famous products – like the Pick szalámi or the spice paprika – are the reason of the name of The Famous City. The almost mediterranean climate and the  southern lay of the city give the name: Sun City.  Taking place throughout the year, almost all branches of art

ranging from cultur events – including the Open Air Festival – make Szeged, The City of Festivals.

Sights in the city:

  • Széchenyi Square
  • Szegedi Dóm and Dóm Square
  • Új Zsinagóga
  • Reök Palota
  • Musical Clock
  • Serb temple
  • Black House
  • Water Tower
  • Calvinistic Church
  • City Hall
  • National Theater