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Local programs

Local programs


The Szegedi Partfürdő Bath and Camp welcomes its kind visitors from spring to autumn. Its unique berth makes it one of the country"s most beautifully positioned campsites directly on the coast of the Tisza, a 5-minute-walk far from the downtown of Szeged. Beside the opportunity of bathing and sunbathing for low prices, a football field, a beach-volleyball field, buffets, catering establishments are available for guests; furthermore cooking in caldron open-air baking and cooking are also possible. 

Rental prices


Name Rental prices
Sporting goods
Air-castle optional
Dragonboat (20 people) 1.000.- HUF/person/ or 10.000.- HUF/boat
Footbll 100.- HUF/hour
Volleyball 100.- HUF/hour
Shuttercock sett 200.- HUF/hour
Turnball 500.- HUF/hour
Ping Pong 300.- HUF/hour 
Frizbi free
Jumping rop free
Hoop free
Cooking goods
Garden furniture 1.000.- HUF/time
Cauldron 1.500.- HUF/time
Kettle stand 1.000.- HUF/time 
Gas burner 1.000.- HUF/time
Wood 1.000.- HUF/package



In the campsite you can try out the growing popularity, Dragonboat. It's a perfect freetime activity for groups, companies, team buildings and so others.  service1

For those who want to stay on the hard ground for the free time activity, can sorting of the sport courts or you can rent a City Bike.

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If you want to go out to the river, but don't want to rowing, buy a ticket for the Danuvia pleasure-boat


or take a sight seeing with the Szegedi Kisvonatról!


Don't forget about the delicious foods! There's nothing better than cooking, make BBQ on the open air!



We wish you a pleasent stay!